Essential guidebook to navigating the gig economy ...This highly recommended guide will have wide appeal.
— Library Journal
For anyone who wants to take advantage of the new economy and all it has to offer, Diane Mulcahy has written the definitive guide. The Gig Economy will help you leverage your experience and skills into a new career, more money, and a better lifestyle.
— Kimberly Palmer, author of The Economy of You and Smart Mom, Rich Mom
How we work is changing, and that allows all kinds of people to really focus on making a life, and not just a living. The Gig Economy is a practical field guide for understanding these changes and navigating them with your greatest goals in mind.
— Dave McLaughlin, General Manager, Eastern US & Canada, WeWork
Diane Mulcahy deftly covers the fundamental drivers of the Gig Economy, as well as the mindset and behaviors you’ll need to succeed in this brave new world of DIY careers. Her research pierces our entrenched habits on what has kept us glued to the trappings of full-time jobs, and her wit liberates us with strategies for assembling a meaningful portfolio of gigs instead, along with a lifestyle, that is unnerving as it is exciting. Read The Gig Economy to learn how to make work work for you.
— Danielle Duplin, Co-founder, TEDxBoston
Diane Mulcahy has written a thought-provoking guide to the new world of work, and how it’s transforming how we live. Full of interviews, examples, and research, this book is a must-have for employees, entrepreneurs, and independent workers who want to succeed in the Gig Economy.
— Diana Kander, New York Times bestselling author of All In Startup
If you’re building a career as a freelancer or entrepreneur, or earning extra money through side hustles, The Gig Economy is essential reading. You’ll learn how to navigate uncertainty, maximize opportunity, and create the career and life you want.
— Dorie Clark, author of Stand Out and Reinventing You, and adjunct professor, Duke University Fuqua School of Business
The way that work works has changed. Work is no longer where you go, it’s what you do. Whether we’re just entering the workforce or seasoned pros, this fundamental shift requires a change in how we think. The Gig Economy provides a blueprint for thinking, planning and succeeding as an independent in this new world of work. The Gig Economy contains valuable insight and exercises for those who want to better understand how the new ways of working impact them. Combining self-reflection, practical financial planning ideas and immediate steps that can be taken today, Diane Mulcahy both inspires and guides readers who are navigating the new workforce realities. This book should be on every working-age person’s shelf; well-worn, marked-up and referenced over and over throughout our new, independent careers.
— Billy Cripe Chief Marketing Officer, Field Nation
Many of our schools are preparing their students for a labor market that is increasingly non-existent. With The Gig Economy, Diane Mulcahy fills this critical gap and provides all of us with a set of tools and mindsets for a more productive and pleasurable work life. A must read for anyone trying to make their way in the “new order”!
— Len Schlesinger- Baker Foundation Professor, Harvard Business School, President Emeritus-Babson College
The Gig Economy by Diane Mulcahy is an essential read for every professional that wants to successfully navigate this new world of work. Regardless of your career path, this book will help you generate additional income, support your lifestyle, manage your time more efficiently, and protect yourself against economic volatility.
— Dan Schawbel, New York Times bestselling author of Promote Yourself and Me 2.0